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Quality Diesel Repairs

A specialty service we offer at A&S includes full-service diesel repairs. As certified diesel mechanics, we have the skills to handle all your diesel service needs!

Weston, WV’s Expert Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics specialize in repairing and maintaining diesel engines, commonly used in large vehicles such as trucks, buses, construction equipment, and generators. These highly powered motor systems often require routine maintenance and diagnostics to ensure your diesel vehicle runs optimally. Diesel repair requires a certified diesel mechanic since their performance and service needs differ from most engines. When you notice the early signs like loud, persistent noises, exhaust smoke, or even your truck won’t run, it’s time to call A&S Towing and Diesel Repair! Our experienced diesel mechanics diagnose engine problems, disassemble and inspect engines, replace or repair defective parts, and perform routine maintenance tasks such as changing oil and filters, checking fluid levels, and performing tune-ups.

Diesel Welding & Fabrication

Part of what sets us apart at A&S Towing and Diesel Repair is that we offer custom services tailored to your diesel vehicles. We don’t just diagnose and repair; we custom fabricate parts and utilize our welding services to ensure your diesel trucks and trailers are fully restored. From MIG to TIG and stick welding, we utilize top-grade metals to fuse broken or missing components with accuracy and unmatched durability. For our clients in need of highly customized parts, our diesel mechanics are well-versed in fabrication services to design specific parts for your diesel trucks and trailers.

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diesel mechanic

At A&S Towing and Diesel Repair, we bring years of experience. As certified diesel mechanics, we have a thorough understanding of diesel engines, strong problem-solving skills, and manual dexterity. Hiring a diesel mechanic for repairs is important because diesel engines are complex and require specialized knowledge and skills to diagnose and fix problems. That’s why as skilled professionals, we save you time and money through effective repairs and preventative maintenance services. So whether you’re diesel engine won’t run or you just want a tune-up, bring your ride to our shop and let us do what we do best!

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When you’re in need of a fast tow or expert diesel repairs, leave it to the expert team at A&S Diesel Repair!